T rex costume

54.95 $

T REX costume Size: 150-200 cm, 100-150cm, 80-90cm.

Color T-Rex Color : Brown

Features 100% Polyester Fans: 8000 rpm Power: Battery box(Batteries not included or Power Bank not included,You can buy 4 AA batteries in your area or use your power bank )

Packing List Costume : 1 Gloves : 2(T-Rex) USB Fan : 1 Battery Box : 1

USB Fan & Battery Box It needs the fan always working

A disguise that will impress your family and friends! This costume includes the full inflatable suit, fan and gloves. This inflatable costume represents a T-Rex from the famous Jurassic World movie. It will cover your entire body and has a holey fabric at the neck that will allow you to see through. Gloves in the same color as the disguise will complement your T-Rex outfit perfectly. Play as a Jurassic Era predator at a fancy dress party or Carnival!

T rex costume
T rex costume
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